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An S2 Reply

I received a LONG letter from Olivia in Chicago, IL so I had to reply back with a long letter on my air mail stationary. 😉

InCoWriMo starts tomorrow! Have you prepped yet? I have over half of my postcards already written, stamped, and addressed to go each day. Also printed the InCoWriMo Calendar and wrote who I was sending to each day of the month!

I will be working on a video today to post for tomorrow of my Incoming mail for the week. Received my first InCoWriMo letter in the mail already yesterday! Can’t wait for a full mailbox! Have a great day fellow writers! 😀

S2 Reply to Olivia in Chicago

S2 Reply to Olivia in Chicago

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Postcard Reply

A postcard reply to Cindy in Florida from S2. Received a cute postcard from her a couple of days ago.

I ordered the TWSBI Fountain Pen I wanted! Can’t wait to get it! In case you missed the last post here’s the link to it: A Beautiful Sapphire Blue for SKIYE!

2 days left until InCoWriMo! Hope everyone is ready!

Have a great weekend everyone and KEEP WRITING! 😀

Postcard to Cindy

Postcard to Cindy

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Another Card

A card to Alannah in Colorado from S2. Very lovely lady. We seem to have a lot in common.

I received a nice letter and postcard from 2 people from S2 yesterday. 3 days left!

A Card to Alannah in Colorado

A Card to Alannah in Colorado

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Back to Letters

I wrote a quick, short card to Melissa in Washington from S2.

Working on my InCoWriMo Calendar and scheduling who I’m sending what on which day. I have over 30 people and the majority being International (which is pretty cool)! We have 4 days and counting! Still waiting on some stickers for my envelopes then I should be all set!

I have fallen in love with a TWSBI Fountain Pen. I’m going to think about it for a while but I think I will more than likely end up purchasing it. Any reviews on this type of Fountain Pen?

A Beautiful Sapphire Blue for SKIYE!

A Quick Card to Melissa in WA from S2

A Quick Card to Melissa in WA from S2

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Not mail, just Art.

While I did not write out a letter or anything last night to be mailed today, I did do a painting! This would be my first painting in almost 5 years. I get a lot of inspiration from Van Gogh. I call this “Night Scene“.

I will be getting on tonight to find more people to write to until my membership for the Letter Writer’s Alliance goes through and I can get even MORE pen pals! 😉

Hope you like my painting! 🙂

My recent painting, "Night Scene"

My recent painting, “Night Scene”

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Another response to a fellow S2’er

Just a quick response to Sherry who is also from Illinois. Sorry for the huge image, I’m having computer problems today… 😦

She sent me a lovely card and note back. I’m currently trying to join the Letter Writer’s Alliance. Anyone have any experience with it? Hope you all enjoyed the video yesterday!

Have a great day and keep writing!


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First Video!

Sorry for the bad lighting! Had no idea what I was doing, so cut me some slack! 😉 I was super nervous to top it all off…

Hope you guys enjoy it! 7 days, counting down! 😀

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Another reply to someone from S2!

The people I’m writing from S2 are so lovely… They make me smile! 😀 This is a reply to Patricia in Florida on my new stationary.

Have a few errands to run today before I can start doing my video. Hoping to get it done tonight and have it posted tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous! I’ll need something to do since there’s no post on Sundays! 😉

Everyone have a lovely weekend!

A reply to Patricia in FL from S2!

A reply to Patricia in FL from S2!

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A reply to someone from S2

This is a reply letter for someone from S2 who sent me a postcard. I enjoyed it very much. This is my new ‘air mail’ stationary. I’m in love with it. It’s so nifty!

Received a nice Thank You card from my pregnant cousin yesterday. It brought a smile to my face!

Looking forward to getting this video done this weekend! I have an outline in my head, a vision, per se. Hoping it will live up to my expectations.

Everyone have a great weekend and WRITE ON! – 9 Days to InCoWriMo! 😀

A Reply Letter to Fast Eyes in VA from S2!

A Reply Letter to Fast Eyes in VA from S2!

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Another note to someone from S2!

Another short note for someone I found on (S2). (Thanks to my 2 new friends/pen-pals for letting me know the shorter version of the website name!) 😉 It’s just a quick note.

Received some nice new stationary in the mail and a couple of awesome letters from fellow S2 dwellers. You will see the new stationary when I post my letter for tomorrow! Intro for my video segments is about 50% done. Hoping to have a video up and posted on Saturday, but it may be Sunday. Can’t wait to start it! I will be discussing my first letters and my preparations for InCoWriMo. I’m going to try to keep it short.

Didn’t receive any letters in the mail yesterday. Maybe I will today? 😀 10 Days to InCoWriMo! (Just in case anyone didn’t see that already!)

Quick note to Tanya from S2!

Quick note to Tanya from S2!

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