First Video!

Sorry for the bad lighting! Had no idea what I was doing, so cut me some slack! 😉 I was super nervous to top it all off…

Hope you guys enjoy it! 7 days, counting down! 😀

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4 thoughts on “First Video!

  1. Luvvvvvv the video! “smash” refers to aletering items.You can google it and watch videos from K AND C CO. and others,I personally wouldn’t let anything distract from INCOWRIMO in it’s purest form.A letter, envelope and a stamp…all handwritten with a fountain pen….lest we forget it’s hosted by F.P.GEEKS.The traditional way to end a letter to other F.P. GEEKS, is to denote the following ie:
    pen-type of pen,type of nib
    ink-brand and color
    paper-brand…such as onion skin or Tomoe River

    So…here’s something I experienced last year,I wrote all my letters,90+,because I didn’t want to leave anyone out,and mailed them daily.So now….I start getting letters from people,that I’ve already finished.What do I do now? The stamp is already on,the envelope is already sealed,I guess they get 2 letters!!! LOL….LIVE AND LEARN:?)

    All my INK-RHINO (ACRONYM) correspondence is addressed,stamped and in order numerically by date.I did add 2 people who are not on the 28 list,I felt they were important,will divulge after I get their response.

    NOTE***SOME ARE SLOW RESPONDERS,you’ll get letters up to 6 months past the event close,so a tip would be to keep a close watch send dates and responses.Some people flake out,some just want letters w/out sending any,sometimes a letter will be returned.

    I have some great long-term friendships with some F.P. people,I let them take the lead for add’l contact.
    Since,there are so many groups and projects,it’s a good idea to label somewhere;INCOWRIMO or INCOWRIMO response,NOT everyone remembers to add their address.

    Anyway,hi-ho-off to work I go.
    Keep up the great work and have FUN!!!!!!!

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  2. Enjoyed your video! Popped over here and am enjoying your blog. I have a lot of pen pals and love mail. I will give Incowrimo a shot this year. Sounds like a blast, and makes the big world a lot smaller. PS. Your painting is lovely!

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