InCoWriMo Day 18

Sent out a Postcard to Jennifer in TX today! Much to my surprise, I had a full mailbox yesterday – 6 letters! I was overjoyed! 2 letters were from the same person, so here are my 4 replies. (All replies from S2). To date I have only received 4 InCoWriMo Letters. It just seems strange to me. I may join LetterMo next year instead of InCoWriMo depending if I get any more letters by the end of the month. However, I am anxiously awaiting replies from my International postcards! We got our international package with tea bags mailed out yesterday to the Netherlands. I used a padded envelope as suggested by one of my pen friends and it only cost me $7! I don’t remember how long they said it will take to get there. My guess is a week or two. Boy, I hope not that long! That’s the only bad thing about the international mail, I can’t wait for replies or for my mail to get sent to them!

Does anyone know any good websites, books, or YouTube videos on Mail Art? I would really like to get into the creativity of mail art, but as with stamp collecting, I’m not sure where to start. I get so many awesome envelopes and neat stationary. Amazon in failing me in the stationary section. Hope everyone has a great day! Keep writing! 😀

InCoWriMo Postcard to Jennifer in TX

InCoWriMo Postcard to Jennifer in TX

All my S2 Replies for today

All my S2 Replies for today

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3 thoughts on “InCoWriMo Day 18

  1. hey skiye, mail art can seem daunting at first but it’s important to remember that it’s a very loosely organized activity and it means so many different things to different people. generally speaking, it’s about expression through the mail, whatever that looks like! for me, I like to draw, create things out of paper and collage, so I tend to combine all three. sometimes I sew paper, too. I have received all kinds of mail art over the past two years – collage on premade envelopes, handmade cards, prints on postcards, mailers made out of objects… try browsing the international union of mail artists site and the #mailart tag on instagram, tumblr and flickr to see what people have done recently. the history of the movement is rooted in an experimental art movement called fluxism & really started picking up in the 1960s. look into the artist ray johnson, who is considered by many to be the key figure in mail art history. it started as a way to subvert the art world – now some folks keep with that methodology of resistance, others just enjoy decorating their mail. there’s no right or wrong way! I started by drawing on envelopes, now I make most of my envelopes and cards from scratch. there’s also a documentary you can watch online called “making mail”, and instagram is a really good place to meet penpals and mail artists.

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  2. sorry for the long comment! looking forward to seeing what you create! I will send you a little pack of ephemera sometime soon, maybe next week (to help you get started on your mail art adventures). you’ll find your style quickly, I’m sure! I’m probably not speedy enough to take on another penpal but I would be happy to exchange occasional mail!

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