InCoWriMo 2015 Conclusion

As InCoWriMo is now at a close, I’d like to talk about my experience.

I pre-wrote, pre-stamped, and pre-sorted all my postcards to 36 people. I believe it was the best way to do it as there were days where I didn’t FEEL like writing or didn’t have time to. However, I did write almost everyday in the month of February, whether it was to someone on, The Postal Society, or, so I didn’t TOTALLY cheat. 🙂 I did enjoy every day that I wrote. I didn’t feel like I was doing it because I had to, I was doing it because it was fun!

To date, I have only received 8 incoming letters from InCoWriMo. I’m going to keep waiting in the month of March as there may have been people who sent Internationally that I haven’t received yet, or others who just sent at the end of the month of February. So, I can’t say I’m disappointed on the incoming yet. The ones I did receive were all very unique in their own special way. Never underestimate people’s creativity in effort to stand out from the rest!

Overall, thus far, I’m pleased with my experience. I may really think about whether or not I want to participate next year. I’ve written so many fun folks this year, it’s almost ridiculous to think about NOT participating next year. I do however, want to participate in LetterMo next year, whether I participate in InCoWriMo again or not. It has taught me there are so many different types of people in the world from all walks of life and it is fun to read what others have to write about. One special person has given me some pointers to improve my letter-writing skills and made me really think about how to stand out from the crowd on your own style of mail. It has also taught me a little lesson in patience in waiting for the mail to come, instead of the instant gratification you get from e-mail or texting or a phone call.

Though InCoWriMo is over, my pen-pal, letter writing, journey is just unfolding. I vow to continue searching for new pen pals (on different websites, through the mail, etc.) and writing more letters and consistently striving to improve my skills in letter writing.

Thank you so much to all who have encouraged me this month, to all those who participated, and especially to all those who took their own time out of their busy or non-busy life to write me a letter. *hugs* to all!

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  1. BRAVO!!!!!!!!

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