I Tried Mail Art!

Here’s my first attempt at mail art to Allison Anne who runs a blog called deardetective.com. She was nice enough to send me a mailer envelope full of mart art stuff so I put it to good use. I’m pretty proud of this one, I almost didn’t want to send it! I’d say not bad for my first attempt!

Received a nice postcard reply from Aimee on S2. Hoping to get caught up on my letter writing tonight and over the weekend. I’m excited to get some new return address labels I had made on Zazzle that say “Skiye Davis Todd from sendsomething.net!” on them so I can use them for all my outgoing sendsomething mail! Yay! Also planning on doing a video for all my most recent incoming mail; should be up by Sunday evening.

Everyone have a good weekend!

Reply to Allison: My attempt at mail art!

Reply to Allison: My attempt at mail art!

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2 thoughts on “I Tried Mail Art!

  1. It is so happy and colourful! I love it 😀 And a mailart starter kit is such a nice gift idea 🙂

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  2. BrAvO!

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