Sorry for lack of posting!

I’m so behind on outgoing mail. I have at least 15 letters & postcards to reply to! I’ve been so swamped with work and hope next week I can get back into the groove of mail. I did send out 3 cards today (and conveniently forgot to take pics of them) filled with tea bags for my very first swap on swap-bot. Hoping I get some good ratings. I can’t seem to find any fun swaps to join! :/ I’m up to at least 17 incoming from InCoWriMo. They’re still coming & I hope I continue to get more! Hope everyone is having a great week and Happy Early Friday the 13th!

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6 thoughts on “Sorry for lack of posting!

  1. YOU ….have the power to create your own swaps…here or on s-2 …or on swap-bot.
    list your idea of a FUN SWAP and see what happens:)

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  2. Have an inspiring day!

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  3. you can enter the word swap …in the search box on s-2,7 pages of names pop-up!

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