I’m BACK! 4 Outgoings Today!

Please refer to THIS POST FIRST then THIS POST second on my Personal Blog to find out why I’ve been on hiatus. I’m in over my head in mail. I have 20-30 something letters that I not only need to read, but respond to. I plan on working on more today. I just need to get my energy from my tea. I’m still debating about discontinuing my incoming mail videos. I feel like they are boring and no one watches them. :/ I’ve just had an experience where someone didn’t like that I posted their letter on my blog. Maybe I can just start posting the envelopes since they are the best part! 😀 Hope everyone is having a good week!

4 Outgoings

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4 thoughts on “I’m BACK! 4 Outgoings Today!

  1. Well…yes,correct conclusion,it’s all about the mail on this blog and you on the other.When I read a mail blog,typically you see only mail or hands and mail on a video blog.I recently watched a Skype video posted on a blog,and watched 3 people facing the camera writing…an excruciating quiet boring exercise.As the viewer,I took away nothing except to remind myself that writing is mostly a solitary activity,which frustrates my husband because although we are physically together,our minds are not.While I am feeling kinship to my recipient during a writing session,those around me feel alienated.I read aloud as much as I can,ask him to comment,explore topics,show him artwork,etc.He gets so excited for me when mail comes!
    Please don’t stop these blogs,unless you have to…people do read them,might not always” like” or comment.
    Thanks again for posting:)

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    • Thanks for the input. I won’t stop posting at all! I think I’m just going to stop the videos. I’m going to try to post pictures of my incoming envelopes and maybe the goodies inside instead of the actual letter. I had a guy from InCoWriMo who was REALLY offended that I posted his letter for the world to see. I understand how it could be privacy invasion or something, but he was NOT happy! I also get really into my letters while I’m writing them. I hate to be bothered when I’m writing. Can’t have the thought train derailing! Lol


  2. Skye, I am looking forward to the letter you said you were sending, but if you didn’t get to it no worries. For me, learning always makes me happy. So, these are the ways I learn (in case you might be inspired?) Keep in mind I am older, but we all feel the same despite our age n’est pas?
    1. I joined a meet up group with my interest in french (go to meet up.com to find something that interests you)
    2. I take classes and workshops whenever possible. (right now french, art this summer possibly) Laure Ferlita’s classes are expensive but they are so much fun for me because I love to watercolor- goto Imaginarytrips.com… there are lots of free tutorials on the net that I like. I try many of them.
    3. I do postcrossing and letter writing because Iove to hear from people around the world ( I think you like this too)
    4. I make my own fun. I don’t count on anyone else.
    5. I count my blessings…. even basic ones, like “I am not sick……” at the moment anyway….
    6. Never give up

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