Dear Loyal Viewers & Penpals:

So I’m doing a cool new thing! After careful consideration and a suggestion from one of my newer penpals, I’m creating a monthly Mini-Zine that will be distributed to all my penpals, friends, & family at the end of each month. It will contain a few different categories and I’m looking to add another category that I’m unsure of at this time. So far, the categories are as follows: Tea of the Month, Artist (band) of the Month, Movie/Film of the Month, & Book of the Month. At the beginning of February when all the January Zine’s are mailed out and distributed, a new page will be added to my blog, titled: “Submit your opinion!” where you can submit your ideas for categories or a recommendation on what you would like to see as Tea, Artist, Movie, or Book of the month. At the bottom there will also be a poll where you can vote on what your favorite category was from the recent Zine issue. I’m really looking forward to doing this as it’s a new way to interact with my penpals and blog subscribers, and it’s a new, creative outlet for me to share my opinion (since we all know, I LOVE sharing my opinion!). 😉 So that’s the end of topic 1!

I also made a New Years Resolution this year. I’m hoping it will go better than last years! Last year I wanted to write in my journal every day for a year; that lasted until about April! I actually haven’t touched it since November! Anyway, my New Years Resolution this year is to be a better penpal, blogger, and to frequently make YouTube videos. To be a better penpal, I must stop taking such long breaks! I noticed I took a long break from mail in April & May (when I quit my job and was struggling with depression), July – September, and November & December. This really bothers me. Not only because when I come back from my break I have a pile of 30+ letters to reply to, but I feel like it’s a lost connection with my dear penpals… Sure, I can update them in a letter about the past few months happenings; but I feel like it’s only common courtesy to write back within weeks of someone’s letter! I also noticed both this blog and my personal blog and being immensely neglected. While I haven’t been up to much, that’s no excuse not to update my personal blog weekly! I also feel that even though THIS blog is mainly mail related, it should also be updated with something other than mail once per week. So I’m going to try to work on both of those things, along with putting out a new YouTube video once per month. If you have any suggestions/ideas on what you would like me to make a video about, please don’t hesitate to let me know! What was your New Years Resolution?

I think that’s about it for me! I hope you are all doing fabulous, you had a great holiday season, and a great 2015! Here’s to a superb 2016 filled with happiness, fun, and our snail friends! *CHEERS!*



Skiye signature 2016

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