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Dear Penpals & Followers:

First off, Hi! I know, it’s been a while…

A big change happened on February 26th. I started Cosmotology School! I didnt know I could just start whenever, i thought i had to wait until August! I’m loving it so far. I feel like I’m in my element and I’m finally happy. If I keep good attendance, I should graduate in November of this year.

That being said, I’m extremely overwhelmed and busy with school and homework; and I have a stack of 30 or so letters on my desk to reply to. So… I have decided to take this time off from writing letters. I’m not sure if I will continue writing letters after I graduate. It was a hobby for me while I was out of work for the past year. If I do decide to continue, I will start by replying to letters in the order they were received.

I would like to take this time to thank all of my penpals and loyal followers for your letters, likes, and comments. Thank you for your continued patience during this time.

Blessings to you and your family this year,


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