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Bookshelf Tour Video

I know it’s pretty long, but I hope it’s worth the watch! 🙂

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Very productive day!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I’ve been up since 11AM yesterday and running high on energy! I’ve gotten so much done today! I wrote 6 letters this morning starting at 4AM, then drew 3 names on postcrossing and filled out & mailed those postcards; THEN this afternoon, I replied to 2 MORE letters! So tomorrow I only have 4 letters left to reply to and I’ll be all caught up! YESSSSS! *happy dance*


So I have a total of 16 Month in Review Zines to include in my next replies to all my penpals. If you don’t get one by February 1st, and you would like one, please feel free to let me know! Don’t forget to check out the new SUBMIT YOUR OPINION Page after you get your Zine so you can comment and vote on the poll! The page will be up officially this Wednesday. I also decided I liked all the mail tags I get SO MUCH, that I should make my own! Those will also be going in with reply letters starting tomorrow.

I really got creative today; even with no sleep! I just hope someone appreciates my hard work & dedication. Lol

Keep checking back so you don’t miss anything! See you in the Post!

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